Friday, January 22, 2010

to make our forefathers proud...

It is raining. It's been raining for daaaaaaaaaays. And you are not going to hear this girl complain about it. I find it very refreshing, as do all our poor thirsty plants here in California. Rain is good stuff.

I've been kind of gloomily preoccupied this week, I must say. The week started out well with a 4-day weekend and James' birthday. We celebrated with a german chocolate cake (baked by moi) and some friends over for enlightening and illuminating discussion. Good open communication is the connective tissue of our precious social groups. I should mention earlier on Monday we had also watched a film called "Zeitgeist Addendum" which is a provocative, outrageous, and hopeful documentary about the scariness of our current monetary system and the dreams to replace it with something much better. Mind blowing, in a good way.

But this, dear reader, also leads to where the gloominess came upon me and the week took a turn for the worse. You see, "Zeitgeist Addendum" is a follow-up to the original film "Zeitgeist." Having been fascinated by the Addendum I jumped right into "Zeitgeist" Wednesday night, all by my lonesome, and had my mind absolutely blown. In kind of a bad way. It was just utterly distressing beyond belief to see exposed the atrocious lows the corporations who run our country have stooped to. And terrifying to envision with them where this tragically rickety roller coaster ride is leading us. By the end of the film, I was sobbing almost uncontrollably and its points and theories haven't rested in my mind since that night.

I know this is probably the worst recommendation for a movie ever written! But yes, I do, in fact recommend it. As heartbreaking as it was I think it is chock full of things we (as citizens of the world) need to know about the way our government operates, and has pretty much always operated. Call it conspiracy theory if you like (a terribly easy way to marginalize and dismiss uncomfortable information -- tried and true!) but don't make the mistake of throwing out the baby with the bathwater. I personally feel very deeply that both films are important and extremely timely, so please give them a good focused viewing. I should add that if I were to do it again I'd definitely watch them in the correct order so you are left feeling hopeful -- Zeitgeist, then Zeitgeist Addendum. You can watch them both in full on YouTube. God bless the internet. It's still free.

Don't be scared. Be empowered with knowledge, and with true love and concern for all beings. Let true hope (not the Obama brand of hope) float you.


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