Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sunny Sunday

Ahhh. Today was the first refreshingly sunny weekend day in recent memory here in gorgeous San Francisco. It has been raining almost 2 weeks straight and although I'm happy for the precipitation feeding our extremely thirsty plants and animals, it kind of wears one down to get used to that kind of gloom. The warm sun and cool breeze felt very Springy and delightful.
Courtney and I started the day off by heading to the Castro for some good soy bi-chai at Spikes and then brunch. We browsed a book store and Cliff's Variety (a Castro favorite) and then headed over for an iced-coffee mojito at Philz. Philz, for those unfortunate people who have never been, has THE BEST COFFEE ON THE PLANET. I do not hesitate to advertise it as such. From Philz we hopped on the scenic 33 bus to the Haight where we got seriously girly and straight-up SHOPPED. The ladies at the store offered us cocktails as we browsed, we tried on everything in sight, and walked away with a few choice (and deeply discounted) sample sale items as well as some stylin' shirts for the men in our lives. Western society is nothing if not bountiful with material goods. Even if we don't like it we should at least be grateful for the surplus. And we had fun. Also, I am grateful to our liberal city for the experience of watching men wearing nothing but banana hammocks, flip-flops, fanny packs, and cowboy hats to walk around proudly and freely on a Spring-like day.
It feels like night now but it's only 6:30. It was a full day of wandering and people-watching. Courtney is now doing her French homework beside me and I'm counting down until the new Part 2 installment of "Emma" on PBS tonight.

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