Saturday, January 23, 2010

living my favorite color

Green has pretty much always been my favorite color. A little girl I babysit for loves to ask me almost inconceivable hypothetical questions involving the things she knows I love (food, people, etc) and I was pondering one of them today: What if there wasn't green?
Just think for a moment of all the wonderful and often essential things that are green: leaves, stems, vegetables, tropical waters, Kermit the frog, most frogs for that matter, "go", my favorite puffy jacket and scarf, wreaths, mold (maybe not wonderful, but helpful), eyes...
Along with these things I've lately been thinking of something else green: The Green Movement. It is definitely a vague enough concept which countless companies take advantage of on a regular basis, but at its heart the Green movement really just represents all things natural, simple, sustainable, and healthy. All things green, perfect as they are.
While James and I mentally prepare for our move to a more natural setting -- Tahoe, if you missed that previous entry -- we've been talking a lot about incorporating our intentions for a simpler more natural way of life. This is also very much motivated by our understanding and thoughtfulness about certain concepts presented in the Zeitgeist films (also in a previous entry here) and how important it is to take steps to live more simply and sustainably. We really want to be able to sustain our own consumption in a much more tangible way than ever before and are talking a lot about ways we can do that.
One thing I'm very excited about is planting a garden. I've never really done that, having lived in a city for the entirety of my adult life. I have a lot to learn, but I also have a positive patient outlook on it. Not to mention James has quite the green thumb. My hunch is that the vegetable garden I envision is going to need a lot of loving attention, but not a ton of overbearing intervention. Nature has done an inconceivably astounding job getting vegetables to grow of their own accord, infused with the mystery of mysteries -- life force. I'll give them my attention and be ready to learn and roll with their cycles. Very much looking forward to it.
Another thing I've been thinking about and researching lately are ways to get off the power grid. Maybe there will be a point when we can own our own home, but unfortunately when it comes to renting there are certain limitations. However, I feel certain that we'll be able to incorporate some modest ways to harness solar and/or wind energy into our lifestyle. Two things that come to mind are this inspiring dude, and this simple and charming way of cooking.
I've found Planet Green to be chock full of helpful tips and simple DIY projects. Treehugger is also a good one. My most challenging inquiry thus far has been in finding a 4wd vehicle that is either electric or runs on biodiesel. The more I research this the more questions come up, but I'll keep you posted if I find anything really helpful. You let me know if you come across anything helpful in this area too, ok? Ok.

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