Saturday, January 16, 2010

Back in action.

Dear reader. It has come to my attention (thanks, Meg) that I already have a blog so there is no need to start a new one, as many have suggested I do. Here it is. I'm back in action. I'll try not to be so negligent in the future, especially since there are many exciting new experiences on the horizon for me and I'd like to keep you up to date, if you're at all inclined.

One thing I'm especially pleased to put into print is that James and I have decided to MOVE to Tahoe! This decision has produced at least a couple smiles on my face each day since we made it. We had already been planning on a Spring desert climbing road trip (which is another MAJOR cause for excitement) and over the holiday were brainstorming about what to do upon our return. We were also rethinking the decision to keep our small & expensive SF apartment while we are gone. It became clear pretty quickly that we amassed a million great reasons and very few bad ones to settle ourselves in Tahoe in June post-road-trip. I absolutely can't wait. I should mention that this is no reflection on my deep love of San Francisco and all my wonderful friends here. Once I'm settle in Tahoe I'm planning on visiting SF more frequently than I currently visit Tahoe. Especially since I plan on getting a car there. And, of course, we plan on having a strict open-door policy when it comes to friendly visitors :)

Right now I'm covered in baking debris (every ingredient I opened to make this cake positively JUMPED at the chance to participate) and listening to the soundtrack from Rushmore. It's eclectic and silly and rockin'. Great baking music. But unfortunately it's time to clean up my giant mess so I bid you adieu until my next entry... which I promise will not take 8 months to muster.

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