Sunday, March 15, 2009

Gravity Lessons

I am REALLY in the mood for some Road Runner cartoons. Wile E. Coyote is my favorite cartoon character ever. I am truly inspired by his creative perseverance, not to mention his reflection of some fascinating quantum physical theories.

Those old Looney Tunes are hilarious. Why aren't they still on the air? Yesterday morning I must have had a personal time warp or something because I got my breakfast ready and flipped on the boob tube expecting to see some good old fashioned Saturday morning cartoons on. But no. I must have still been dreaming. Maybe I need to re-create the circumstances of my childhood cartoon watching a little better: a bowl of cheerios, some pop tarts, footie PJ's... or maybe I should just head to Amazon and ensure the desired result for my next lazy morning, whenever that will be.

Hopefully not very soon because climbing season is pretty much here. Is anyone motivated yet? C'mon c'mon. Don't make me buy my own car and start rope soloing. I don't remember enough of my knots for that.

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